Chair Dance

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Very early on in this semester we discussed the question of 'what is Dance?'. People have different opinions on what it really is, but I feel its best left undefined.

When researching last night I came across the site ' TED Talks - Ideas worth spreading'. I searched through the talks on this show and found one which I feel is connected with the question of what dance is.

The talk I am referring to is by Arthur Ganson, he shows that dance does not have to be executed by a human, but rather objects can dance too.

The whole clip is extremely amazing, with the way he has taken objects and combined them with movement. The segment I am particularly interested in starts at 12.43 (so skip forward to that part if you wish)

Chair dance :

The soundtrack which plays whilst the chair dances adds to the overall 'show'. I love that dance has moved away from restrictions and with the help of the internet has evolved, as now people do not consider dance soley as something which is carried out by a human.


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