Butterworth's model

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The sheet we were given in class has been stuck on my pin board and I noticed it today as I was choreographing for Assignment Four (Choreography presentation).

I decided to see what information I could find out about the model online. - however, I got pulled in another direction by this great website -

http://www.butterdance.org/ - Butterworth Dance Company.

This site provides evidence that dance is being combined with technology - as the site's homepage has a continuous video playing from the moment you click in to it.

The videos captivated me and I thoroughly enjoyed watching them. I feel that if this website had not included videos on their homepage I would not have included it in my blog.

The videos grabbed my attention and I think that could be a reason why, some people believe that technology is the future for dance, as it draws people in, makes them watch and lets them enjoy.


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